The Adam Smith Initiative was founded to address the woefully inadequate level of economic and financial knowledge in America. This web site is the cornerstone of the initiative, providing enlightening original and third party content.Why Adam Smith?
The project and our efforts honor Adam Smith because, besides being the founder of the entire field of economics and the definer of the Capitalist system, he figured it out!

What did he “figure out”?
Without the benefit econometric models, computers, calculators and mass communication of any sort he figured out how a large part of life works and how it can best work! He did so as a philosopher and by studying human interaction and human behavior.

Over 228 years after his death his insights continue to shape the world we live in, and very much for the better.Although derided by some, the principals he outlined have lead to an unprecedented reduction in global poverty and misery. In fact, this was his goal!If you want to understand how the world truly works, and benefit from that knowledge, this humble Scottish philosopher is the best place to start.

Kevin J. Judge
The Adam Smith Initiative

The Adam Smith Initiative

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