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Why We Need SMART Public Leaders, Instead Of Politicians

By Richard Brody  |   Submitted On May 18, 2020 Richard Brody | May 18, 2020 Especially, during apparent, and/ or, actual crises, it is essential, for politicians, to begin, transforming to statesmen, when they are elected, and hold public office! What the world, and the United States, needs, especially now, are SMART leaders, who, instead of,… Read More »

Bankruptcy courts ill-prepared for tsunami of people going broke from coronavirus shutdown

Paige Marta Skiba, Dalié Jiménez,  Michelle McKinnon Miller.  Pamela Foohey, & Sara Sternberg Greene | May 13, 2020 As more Americans lose all or part of their incomes and struggle with mounting debts, another crisis looms: a wave of personal bankruptcies. Bankruptcy can discharge or erase many types of debts and stop foreclosures, repossessions and wage garnishments. But… Read More »

Rich folks aren’t that stingy after all

By Benjamin A. Priday | May 7, 2020 At least half of American families have been giving money to charity every year – but that fraction had been declining prior to the global pandemic. We’re living in a very different world now. Millions are unemployed, the needs of nonprofits are ballooning and there are constant… Read More »

Both conservatives and liberals want a green energy future, but for different reasons

Deidra Miniard,  Joe Kantenbacher, &  Shahzeen Attari | May 5, 2020 Political divisions are a growing fixture in the United States today, whether the topic is marriage across party lines, responding to climate change or concern about coronavirus exposure. Especially in a presidential election year, the vast divide between conservatives and liberals often feels nearly impossible to… Read More »

By Stephen C Turner  |    April 14, 2020 I love baseball. It has been a big part of my life for nearly six decades. Growing up in St. Louis you learn the words to Take Me Out To The Ballgame at an early age. You grow up with your own family, and, at the same time,… Read More »

Supporting Businesses During Pandemic

By Michel A. Bell  |   April 10, 2020 Supporting businesses during the pandemic means supporting workers. Businesses like other institutions are vehicles, mere shells with people who decide every aspect. The left complains that government shouldn’t support companies. The left is anti business and pro worker, but that’s an unsound position. If you are pro worker,… Read More »