Wages: why are they not keeping up with inflation?

By David Spencer, University of Leeds | May 31, 2022 There has been a huge amount of concern about rising inflation in recent months, and it’s made worse by the fact that wage inflation has not been keeping up. A few workers in high-paid jobs have enjoyed higher bonuses and inflation-busting pay rises – it has… Read More »

6 charts show key role firearms makers play in America’s gun culture

Sales of handguns have exploded in recent years. AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki By Michael Siegel, Tufts University | May 26, 2022 Americans have blamed many culprits, from mental illness to inadequate security, for the tragic mass shootings that are occurring with increasing frequency in schools, offices and theaters across the U.S. The latest, which occurred on… Read More »

Global minimum tax rate: European Socialists and Democrats push

By Ingo Geiger | April 19, 2022 EU Commission proposes directive to implement OECD agreement on global tax justice. Multinational corporations such as Amazon, Facebook, and Apple are to pay a minimum tax of 15 % in the future. A tax shifting scheme is also to be adopted, obliging corporations to pay taxes where they generate… Read More »

Find Out How Successful People Think So You May Be Successful Too

By Hani Al-Qasem  |   December 28, 2021    Do you think successful people are just plain lucky? Successful people did not become successful because they were lucky. They did not achieve success by accident. Being at the right place at the right time, meeting relevant people, reading the appropriate book, did not come about accidentally or by luck.… Read More »

What Might Be Next In The Economy?

By Richard Brody  |   December 28, 2021 Since, we don’t have a crystal ball, it is impossible to predict, accurately, the future! This is especially true, when, it comes to economic issues, including investment, real estate, interest rates, inflationary pressures, government actions, international factors, etc. What are the ramifications of inflation, recession, interest rates, Federal Reserve Bank decisions,… Read More »