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Find Out How Successful People Think So You May Be Successful Too

By Hani Al-Qasem  |   December 28, 2021    Do you think successful people are just plain lucky? Successful people did not become successful because they were lucky. They did not achieve success by accident. Being at the right place at the right time, meeting relevant people, reading the appropriate book, did not come about accidentally or by luck.… Read More »

The Story of the Barcode: Past, Present, and Future

(NewsUSA) | June 24, 2019 Same-day delivery. Self-checkout. Buy online, pick-up in store. Countless modern shopping conveniences that are currently available can be traced back to the debut of a seemingly simple technology with a powerful impact on global commerce – the barcode. Today, the barcode is used by millions of people everywhere, every day.… Read More »

Amazon, Google and Facebook warrant antitrust scrutiny for many reasons – not just because they’re large

By Amanda Lotz | June 24, 2019 There’s a growing chorus of U.S. politicians, antitrust scholars and consumer watchdogs calling for stricter antitrust treatment of Amazon, Google, Facebook and other tech giants. Some even say they should be broken up. Most recently, U.S. lawmakers launched a sweeping review to determine if these companies have become… Read More »

Taking inventory of your financial health

(Family Features) | June 20, 2019 Only 28% of Americans are financially healthy, according to the U.S. Financial Health Pulse. Most others will have difficulty reaching long-term financial goals and are more vulnerable to the threat of financial shocks, such as car trouble, unforeseen medical bills or job loss. Regardless of income or wealth, the… Read More »

Esports Popularity Piques Investor Interest

(NewsUSA) | June 18, 2019 The Esports and global gaming industry has exploded in recent years as people of all ages turn to video games for entertainment over movies and music. In fact, the annual revenue from the gaming industry was higher than music and movies combined in 2018 and is expected to more than… Read More »

Business Ethics – What You Must Know

By Marc-Eddy Drouinaud Jr  |  May 14, 2019 What Makes Business ethics so important? The system of moral beliefs that guides behaviors and decisions is known as business ethics. Certain ethical requirements for companies across the world are embedded into law, minimum wage, and environmental regulations. ETHICS IN LEADERSHIP: The management group provides precedent for how the company… Read More »